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Advantages and selection methods of the welding manipulator. 

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In modern machinery manufacturing, metallurgy and some light industry widely used welding manipulator, can replace human heavy labor, at the same time can replace human processing machinery to the operation of the human body harmful substances, used to simplify the work of human, welding manipulator has the characteristics of lightweight and flexible.This article simply introduces advantages for you and selection method of the welding manipulator, hoping to bring you to a certain extent help. 

Here are the main points of the article:

The concept of the welding manipulator

The main advantage of the welding manipulator

The basis of whether a welding manipulator is appropriate

Welding manipulator selection methods


The concept of the welding manipulator

We work at ordinary times can see a lot of welding process, the process is more dazzling, hard work is necessary, some of these harmful substances will also crisis to our health, welding manipulator is a kind of automation equipment, can replace manual operation.  Welding manipulator is a kind of automation equipment, including welding manipulator is the basic components of the robot manipulator, can rotate and reciprocating motion. In the welding manipulator is fixed at the end of welding torch, can realize the function of the automatic welding.


The main advantage of the welding manipulator

(1)     Welding manipulator with stability and improve the welding quality, ensure the uniformity;

(2)     Welding manipulator is raising labor productivity and continuous production can be 24 hours a day;

(3)     Welding manipulator can improve workers' working conditions, can work under bad environment;

(4)     Welding manipulator can reduce the demand for workers operating technology;

(5)     Welding manipulator can shorten the product ready to change shape and upgrading period, reduce the corresponding equipment investment;

(6)     Welding manipulator can realize the welding automation of small batch products;


The basis of whether a welding manipulator is appropriate

To measure whether the welding manipulator is suitable for automatic welding robot, the main can be to choose from the following aspects:

1) The welding manipulator solder joint is suitable for hand soldering iron to welding;

2) Welding manipulator joints components affect the space automatic soldering around;

3) Welding manipulator can solder a welding success;

4) Welding manipulator solder heat absorption;

5) Welding manipulator solder joint shape and spatial distribution.


Welding manipulator selection methods

(2) the welding manipulator welding speed and line speed both must match. First of all, the speed of the production line and the number of solder joints to determine the single point of work time, and the welding manipulator of the single point of welding time (including pressure, power, maintenance, displacement, etc.) must be less than this value, that is, the spot welding speed should be greater than or equal to the production speed of the line.

(4) welding manipulator type choosing to use more than one manipulator, should study whether to adopt a variety of models, and simple and multipoint welder and rectangular coordinate welding manipulator and wait for a problem. When the space between the welding manipulator is small, attention should be paid to the arrangement of the sequence of action, which can be avoided by group control of the welding manipulators or interlock between them.

(5) other welding manipulator should choose large memory capacity, teaching function, high control precision of spot welding robots.

After considering the above points, and then from the aspects of economic benefit, social benefit, and then decided to adopt welding manipulator and the required number, type, etc.

Hope this article helpful to you, if you need a welding manipulator, please contact us.



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