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How to choose a suitable cnc cutting machine?

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CNC cutting machine is widely used in various fields, and various kinds CNC cutting machines appear on the market, which makes people dizzy. This article will introduce how to choose a suitable CNC cutting machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Key points of CNC cutting machine selection

Key elements of CNC cutting machine selection


Key points of CNC cutting machine selection

People have a common concept, the use of CNC cutting machine, can get high precision, high efficiency.In addition, in the same kind of CNC cutting machine, imported, high-end configuration of CNC cutting machine, with higher precision and higher production efficiency. However, CNC flame or plasma cutting machine, is not at all like this. No matter numerical control flame cutting or plasma cutting, because the cutting mouth width is affected by a variety of factors such as cutting mouth, no matter how high the precision of the equipment itself, the precision of the parts cut out with it, the error is generally ±0.5mm or so, the error is several orders of magnitude higher than the equipment itself.Even with millions of dollars of imported CNC cutting machine, it can only be so.

This is the flame or plasma cutting machine process method of the decision, in any case, not as CNC lathes and other CNC cutting machine as high processing accuracy. In other words, the accuracy of the device itself is level 6 or level 8, is not very important. From the perspective of production efficiency, the speed of cutting, for example, flame cutting, all depends on the thickness of the plate, cutting nozzle model, oxygen purity, gas quality and other factors, equipment moving speed should meet and adapt to the requirements of the cutting process.That is to say, cutting efficiency and CNC cutting machine itself is not directly related. Of course, the CNC cutting machine still reflects a considerable degree of precision and efficiency, but this is relative to manual cutting, and often said the machine tool processing accuracy and efficiency of the improvement, is not a concept.From the above analysis, no matter any manufacturer of CNC cutting machine, from the cutting precision and production efficiency, there will not be much difference.Even with small to 10 thousand multivariate small numerical control and imports of millions of large numerical control, it is still so, the precision of its processing parts, roughness, production efficiency will not have a big difference.

  Therefore, due to the limitation of this kind of processing technology, originally can only complete rough machining CNC cutting machine, also according to the processing center and other types of finishing equipment, spend expensive to pursue to improve the processing accuracy and efficiency of the so-called high-end configuration, is not scientific.Instead of using the most expensive east-west CNC cutting machine, the equipment becomes a high-end device.To measure whether a CNC cutting machine is high-grade, the evaluation should be based on the reliability of the use of the equipment and the use of the effect (the precision of its processing parts, roughness, production efficiency), not on the equipment used on the expensive, not his price.


Key elements of CNC cutting machine selection

(1)     For this kind of CNC cutting machine, on the premise of meeting the cutting process requirements, the system should focus on.

(2)     CNC cutting working environment of the CNC cutting machine is poor, large dust, large temperature change, equipment running vibration, the reliability of the system is the top priority.

(3)     The performance of hardware and software of CNC cutting machine can meet the requirements of cutting technology.

(4)     CNC cutting machine drawing input is simple, the field operation performance is good, in line with the national conditions of China, so that the field operators easy to operate and maintain.

(5)     CNC cutting machine has better ease of operation, such as above the cutting torch, there are all kinds of necessary movement and control key operation.

CNC cutting machine itself is rough processing, customers in the selection of time, to see your product for the accuracy of high is not high, the precision of line cutting is the highest, but it is the slowest cutting speed.For some customers are always not clear about the problem of CNC cutting machine and power supply, CNC cutting machine is to ensure the cutting precision, and the power supply is to ensure the cutting thickness, inclination, burr and slag, so in the selection of time, you only need to pay attention to the precision you want is not high, how high? There is the usual steel maximum cut length and width, so you can choose the product you need.If you need CNC cutting machine, please contact us.



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