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Japan’s largest specialized exhibition of welding and joining technology

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The Japan International Welding Show 2020 will be held at INTEX OSAKA, Japan, from April 8 to 11, 2020.
This is the 26th time the show has been held. As already well known, it has been held every other year in Tokyo and Osaka for 51 years, meeting the industrial needs of the day. So far, it has played an important role in taking the initiative of innovation based on enthusiastic requests from various industries. It is now globally accepted as the most exciting and hottest exposition collectively showcasing cutting-edge product technologies and services, from welding and cutting to laser processing, micro joining, powder process, surfacing, NDT, Additive Manufacturing and CAD/CAM/CIM’s. This show has thus been receiving worldwide appreciation as a significant professional exhibition in metal-working fields, together with the SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN in Germany and the AWS Welding Show in the U.S.
The global welding industry is now facing the need to establish a new stage of manufacturing by making full use of highly advanced technologies, such as digital computers, robots, and lasers. Also, the industry is fired up by fast growing and promising markets in Asia. 



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