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What are the applications of welding manipulator?

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Welding manipulator automatic welding technology has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality of welding of low cost, so welding manipulator is widely used in auto parts processing enterprises, welding manipulator need to cooperate with welding workbench use of automatic welding machine. Now people more and more high requirement for welding process, welding manipulator dexterity, not under the control of the emotions, can guarantee the product quality from the beginning to the end of the production of consistent, the attention of many enterprises. This article will introduce the applications of welding manipulator.

Here are the main points of the article:

The application features of the welding manipulator

Welding manipulator mainly use type

The application of welding manipulator


1.        The application features of the welding manipulator :

(1)     The welding manipulator in a cubicle, according to the actual situation of the buyer's product, axial and circumferential direction in a pipe joint hole (or pipe) as a benchmark.

(2)     Welding manipulator up-down material (top and bottom line) adopts the model of artificial, attachment on materials for artificial materials, automatic feeding.

(3)     Welding manipulator welding for automatic welding, welding torch do more degrees of freedom movement, welding manipulator can make rotation movement, in order to achieve the desired location of welds.

(4)     Welding manipulator PLC control the whole automatic production process, the touch screen as human-computer interface, cooperate to perform automatic cylinder and motor movements.


2.        Welding manipulator mainly use type:

Welding manipulator function is more and more perfect, has been applied to more places.We will list several kinds of welding is widely used type of welding manipulator.

(1)     First, the simple type welding manipulator, peripheral equipment used to support the robot only ontology and the clamping weldment, such as: C type frame, platform and fixture, etc.

(2)     Second, the location transformation type welding manipulator, this type of welding manipulator, besides has the function also have location transformation function.In addition to the above devices, the peripheral equipment may also include single, double rotary and tilting rotary positioner, etc.

(3)     Third, coordination type welding welding manipulator, this type of welding manipulator, besides has the function also has the function of coordination of welding. In addition to the above equipment, the peripheral equipment may include one or more displacement machines, gantry and slide boards, ground rails and slide boards, etc. which are made into external shafts.


3.        The application of welding manipulator

Welding manipulator large-scale application from the earliest car equipment production line of resistance spot welding and welding plate.After years of development, at present, the auto industry especially oems welding automation line represents the highest form of today manufacturing automation, but because our country basic auto production line imported from abroad, while foreign manufacturers in the field of welding technology and system integration has accumulated abundant experience in engineering, so automotive applications in the field of welding manipulator basic monopoly by foreign manufacturers.However, in recent years, with the rapid development of welding automation and intelligent technology, also speed up promote the from all walks of life in the welding manipulator equipment applications, such as welding manipulator used in engineering machinery, auto parts, rail transport, steel structure, such as 3 c industry.From 2014, the sales volume of industrial robots in China increased by 54% to 56,000 units, which further proves that welding automation will become one of the effective means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in all walks of life in the future.

Hope this article helpful to you, if you need a welding manipulator, please contact us. Let us together look forward to welding manipulator give you benefits.



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