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What are the characteristics of welding rotator

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Welding rotator is the core component of steam turbine. There are many structural forms of welding rotator, which can be divided into whole forging welding rotator, welding rotator in suit, welding rotator in welded rotor and composite welding rotator according to the processing method and application.Adjustable welding rotator is the most common on the market.This article will introduce the characteristics of adjustable welding rotator.


The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is welding rotator?

Characteristics of adjustable welding rotator


What is welding rotator?

According to ISO standards, a rotator supported by a bearing is called welding rotator. Welding rotator is the main rotating part of power machinery and working machinery.Typical rotor has turbine mechanical rotor, motor rotor, various pump rotor and turbine compressor rotor.When welding rotator rotates at certain rotational speeds, it deforms greatly and causes resonance. The rotational speed when causing resonance is called the critical rotational speed of the rotor.In engineering, the rotor whose working speed is lower than the critical speed of the first order is called the rigid welding rotator table, while the rotaor table whose working speed is greater than the critical speed of the first order is called the flexible welding rotator. Balance is needed because the rotor rotates at high speed.Static equilibrium is mainly used to balance the inertial forces of diy welding rotators.The dynamic balance of rigid welding rotator can be used to balance the inertial force and the inertial couple by a universal balancing machine to eliminate the vibration of the rotor on the elastic support.The dynamic balance of flexible welding rotator is more complicated, which can be divided into two types: vibration mode balance method and influence coefficient method.


Characteristics of adjustable welding rotator

  • Welding rotator has no loosening problem

  • Welding rotator has compact structure and high strength

  • The plates and rotors of welding rotator can be made of separate materials

  • Welding rotator can be used reasonably and processed conveniently

  • The rigidity of the rotor is larger after the integral welding

  • Welding rotator is designed to be flexible and compact, and can be used in smaller forgings. It is easy to forge and easy to guarantee the internal quality.

  • Acavity can be formed in welding rotator, which reduces the weight of the rotor, reduces the thickness of the wall, reduces the temperature difference between inside and outside of the rotor, reduces the thermal stress of the rotor, and increases the critical speed.

  • Since the adjustable welding rotator is made by welding multiple disks, each section of the disk can be subjected to a perfect heat treatment, which is easy to conduct inspection on each section, and easy to repair and replace when defects are found;

  • Adjustable welding rotator  can avoid deformation caused by inhomogeneity in composition, structure and performance of ingot under the action of temperature

  • Different materials can be used for each part of adjustable welding rotator to meet different requirements for material properties of different working parts. Alloy materials are used reasonably.

  • Adjustable welding rotator can be used to solve the difficulty of forging high-quality large forgings;

  • High-power turbine units such as the use of welding rotor is more suitable for peak regulating units.However, adjustable welding rotator  has a high requirement on welding properties of materials, and the welding technology is complex.

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