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What is the development history of welding rotator

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Welding rotator is the core component of steam turbine. It has many structural forms and is widely used. Among them,adjustable welding rotator is the most common one on the market.So how did welding rotator develop?This article will introduce the development history of welding rotator.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • The development history of adjustable welding rotator

  • Development of welding rotator abroad

  • Development of welding rotator in China


The development history of adjustable welding rotator

Development of welding rotator abroad

In 1926, the original Swiss company BBC began to develop steam turbine welding rotator technology, and in 1930, the world's first steam turbine welding rotator was successfully manufactured.

ALSTOM is the most advanced company with the longest history in the development of steam turbine welding rotator technology, including ABB, ALSTHOM and GEC.By the end of 1988, the company produced about 5,000 adjustable welding rotators (including steam turbine high welding rotator, medium and low pressure welding rotator, gas turbine welding rotator and compressor welding rotator), producing about 50 welded rotors annually, with a maximum turbine power of 1300MW and a rotor weight of 213t.

Welding rotator work in Germany is represented by SIEMENS, which mainly performs the surface welding of the shaft journal of the high and high pressure rotor of 9Cr steel. In addition, low and medium pressure welding rotator, made of 23CrMoNiWV8826NiCrMoV145 steel, adopts narrow gap u-shaped groove and automatic TIG welding process.

Italy's FRANCO TOSI (formerly ANSALDO) introduced the welding technology of the original ABB about 20 years ago and still produces adjustable welding rotators, which include welding of the same material in low-pressure rotors;Welding of middle and low pressure rotor, high and low pressure rotor, high and low pressure special-type welding rotator.

Welding rotator has been systematically studied in the former Soviet union since the 1950s.Research units are kharkiv steam turbine electric machinery plant and Leningrad metal plant.In 1959, the turbine rotor of type 1580mmubk-1 50 was welded.At present, it has professional welding rotator workshop, with welding diameter of 02500mm, weighing up to 250 tons of welding rotator welding tool and horizontal electric furnace.

In the mid-1990s in Japan, mitsubishi heavy industries (MHI) carried out research on the same steel and different steel welding rotators, the adjustable welding rotators were welded in four parts by three materials, in order to adapt to the market demand of high-temperature, high-capacity and short-lead of power station steam turbines.


Development of welding rotator in China

Domestic welding rotator test of steam turbine began in 1959. Nanjing steam turbine factory first welded the compressor welding rotor of the 1500KW gas turbine of steel 45 in 1963. In 1964, welding rotator was tested jointly by saic, hawelang institute and the former Shanghai boiler institute (now Shanghai complete set institute) and other units, with the rotor size of 0920X 5000mm.So far, saic has produced more than 300 welded rotors for steam turbines, gas turbines and compressors.

In the 1970s, Harbin automobile co., LTD worked with Shanghai materials institute, Harbin welding institute, Shanghai automotive industry corporation and first heavy industry co., LTD to study the steel problem for welding rotator of 600MW steam turbine.

Dongfang electric group dongfang steam turbine co., ltd. established the "nuclear power manufacturing research base" at the end of 2007.Including two cross workshops: a span of 172X 30m for nuclear welding rotator r & d manufacturing;A span of 172X 36m is for nuclear power final assembly, processing, r&d and manufacturing.The welding rotator workshop of nuclear power has advanced international processing, heat treatment and nondestructive inspection equipment.Dongqi company is actively developing welding rotator design, machining and operation management and other multi-dimensional technical research, in order to fully grasp the production technology of welding rotator, inspection technology, life assessment and other core technologies.

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