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What is the process of wind tower production line?

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The wind tower production line can be defined as that the entire process of wind tower molding is completed by a single machine. According to the processing technology of wind tower, it is common to say that the whole process from winding to blanking to wind tower molding is done by machine processing equipment without interruption and independently. The intermediate process does not require the participation and operation of anyone. This article mainly introduces the process of wind tower production line.

Here are the main points of the article:

Production process of wind tower production line

Maintenance of wind tower production line


1.       Production process of wind tower production line

(1)     To be pressed into a conjoined wind tower, and then after the material is formed, the final stamping installation of four corners.

(2)     The wind tower is connected with the wind tower card and cut into a uniform size for installation.

(3)     The operation of the wind tower production line is simple, which improves the working efficiency.  The size is also very ready, and the quality is very high.

(4)     The wind tower production line can be used for a variety of production equipment: shears, bite machines, etc. If we want to extend the service life of the wind tower production line, we should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the wind tower production line. Normally, we should place the common plate flange machine in a dry place.  The wind tower production line is specially free from moisture and other impurities can't enter the machine, which will make the machine easy to be damaged. We need to add some lubricating oil to the wind tower production line on a regular basis, so that the operation of the wind tower production line can be more efficient.  We need to check whether the nuts of the machine are loose at regular intervals to ensure safe use, and also do regular cleaning work.


2.       Maintenance of wind tower production line

So how do you maintain the wind tower production line?Maintenance is divided into the following steps

(1)     The size deviation of hood is no more than 2mm per meter, the shape is neat, and the center of gravity of rotating hood is balanced. The fire valve must be closed strictly, the rotating parts must be made of corrosion resistant materials, and the material thickness of the shell and valve plate is strictly prohibited to be less than 2mm.

(2)     All kinds of wind valves should be made with opening and closing marks.  The blades of multi-leaf valves should be fitted and overlapped in the same way. The flexible pipe should be moderately elastic, the length should meet the design requirements and the construction specifications, no cracking, no distortion.

(3)     The materials used for the flexible pipe of the cleaning system must be free from dust, airtight, and the inner wall smooth. The connection between the flexible pipe and the wind tower equipment must be tight and airtight. Tuyere appearance quality should be qualified, hole, piece, diffusion ring spacing is consistent, border and blade straight neat, appearance is smooth, beautiful.

(4)     In the site where there is a lot of cross work of wind tower production line, it is strictly prohibited to use the installed wind tower as a support or bracket.  Other supports and hangers are not allowed to be welded or hung on the wind tower flange, wind tower supports and hangers. When the wind tower passes through the settlement joint, the casing shall be installed according to the design requirements.  The gap between the casing and the wind tower shall be tightly sealed with packing (soft material).

(5)     After the wind tower is installed, the surface of the wind tower should be smooth and clean.  Outdoor wind tower should be protected against rain and snow. The wind tower lifted onto the bracket should be installed in time and not placed for too long. For the temporary installation of holes do not open in advance, suspended construction, should be added to cover plate, in case of falling people falling accident.

(6)     When transporting and installing valve parts, the deformation of actuator and blade caused by collision should be avoided. Should be piled up in the open rain, snow measures;When the wind tower extends into the structural wind duct, the end of the wind tower should be installed with steel plate net to prevent sundries from entering the metal wind tower during system operation. The gap between metal wind tower and structural air duct should be tightly sealed. The whole process of wind tower production line is processed by an independent machine.  The normal operation of wind tower production line cannot be performed without proper maintenance measures, so as to ensure the normal and long-term effective production of our products.

I hope this article will be helpful for you to know more about wind tower production line.  Our company specializes in the production of various wind tower production lines, and we have professional knowledge and rich experience.  If you need wind tower production line, please contact us.



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