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What is welding center?

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Welding center is mainly aimed at welding automata, mainly taking products as objects, with strong specificity. Many people do not know what the welding center is.  This article will introduce what is the welding center.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Definition of welding center

Features of welding center

Application of welding center


1.        Definition of welding center

Welding center is not yet uniformly defined. Is generally thought to be similar to that of a key welding technology in welding structure as the core, to complete the things which are needful to the welding technology welding equipment (including power supply, welding machine or head, wire feeding machine, etc. ), welding machinery and equipment (such as welding pieces of deflection, displacement welding machine - manipulator, etc. ), welding auxiliary machinery (such as solder pad, flux conveying recycling equipment, etc. ), welding pieces of transmission device (including feeding, transfer and discharge mechanism, etc. ), weld automatic tracking and welding wire stem elongation automatic regulating device and its electrical control system, etc. , according to the welding process of typical process procedure for centralized permutation and combination,Constitutes the work place for the completion of the welding process. welding center is also called welding work station.


2.        Features of welding center

The welding center is a technical term for welding automata. The welding center is characterized by the difference between the two.

(1)     First of all, the welding automaton takes the product as the object, has a strong specificity, and automatically completes the processing task on a machine. Welding center is a welding process (such as external longitudinal seam automatic welding or internal circular seam automatic welding) as the object, the welding equipment and auxiliary equipment needed to complete the welding process are organized, and the production process is realized online.

(2)     As long as the product structure is similar to the same process, can be welded. From this feature, it can be seen that the welding center is very flexible, which is mainly to modularize each link and conduct professional reorganization for different welding objects.


3.        Application of welding center

(1)     Welding center adapts to the production needs of small and medium-sized enterprises with more product varieties, smaller batch and less capital. Complete sets of production equipment and process equipment with higher degree of specialization (including welding automata or welding robot) can be used in welding center, because it plays the advantages of high utilization rate of equipment with higher degree of specialization and strong system flexibility. Because the equipment arrangement is reasonable, can shorten the transportation route, the production cycle is short, the productivity is high.

(2)     Welding center is also used in mass production, where the product is single, the process can be further simplified, and the production time can be easily guaranteed.  It is often set on the production line.

  I hope this article has helped you understand the welding center. Our company specializes in producing various kinds of welding centers. If you require welding center, please contact us.



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