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What is welding manipulator?

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At present, many types of work in the production line of many factories are gradually being replaced by machines. Such technology as welding is being taken over by the welding manipulator. Due to the high requirements of welding for angle and accuracy, the welding manipulator has its own advantages in this respect, and welding manipulator is never tired and can work all the time, so to some extent, it can extend the working time and bring more benefits to the factory. This article will introduce what is welding manipulator.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

What is welding manipulator?

Main structure of welding manipulator

Basic requirements for welding manipulator


1.        What is welding manipulator?

We usually see a lot of welding process, The whole process is rather dazzling, and we have to work hard. Some of the harmful substances will endanger our health. Is there an automatic device that can replace the manual operation? That is, the welding manipulator, which is one of the automatic devices, including the welding manipulator , which is the basic part of robot welding manipulator, which can rotate and reciprocate. Fixed welding gun is installed at the end of welding manipulator, which can realize automatic welding.

2.        Main structure of welding manipulator:

Welding manipulator mainly includes welding manipulator and welding equipment. The welding manipulator is composed of the welding manipulator body and the control cabinet (hardware and software). The welding equipment, taking arc welding and spot welding as an example, consists of welding power supply (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding gun (clamp), etc. For the intelligent mechanical arm, there should be sensor system, such as laser or camera sensor and its control device, etc.


3.        Basic requirements for welding manipulator:

The requirement of welding manipulator is not very high. Because spot welding only needs point control, there is no strict requirement for the moving track of the welding tongs between points, which is the reason why the welding manipulator can only be used for spot welding at first. The welding manipulator should not only have enough load capacity, but also be fast, stable and accurate when moving between points, so as to reduce the shift time and improve the work efficiency. How much load capacity the welding manipulator needs depends on the type of welding tongs used. For the welding tongs separated from the transformer, a welding manipulator with a load of 30-45kg is enough. However, on the one hand, due to the long secondary cable and large power consumption, this kind of welding tongs is not conducive to the welding tongs extending into the workpiece for welding; on the other hand, the cable swings continuously with the movement of thewelding manipulator, and the cable damage is faster. Therefore, integrated welding tongs are gradually used. The mass of thewelding manipulator and the transformer is about 70kg. Considering that the welding manipulator should have enough load capacity and be able to send the welding tongs to the space position for welding with a large acceleration, the heavy-duty mechanical arm with a load of 100-150kg is generally selected. In order to adapt to the requirements of short distance and rapid displacement of welding tongs during continuous spot welding. The new heavy-duty welding manipulator adds the function of 50 mm displacement in 0.3 s. This requires higher performance of motor, operation speed and algorithm of microcomputer.

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