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Through Type Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

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▲ Type: Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner
▲ Parts max. size: 250 x 150mm
▲ Function: Clean/Rinse/Anti-rust agent/Blow/Dry
  • UCM-250
  • ACME
  • 84243000

Main Technical Parameters


  • The industrial washing machine uses high quality stainless steel, smooth and reliable transmission, durable for long time service life.

  • The ultrasonic cleaning machine is fitted with four-stage circulating filtration system to ensure the cleaning fluid, grease or particles to complete separation and collection, in order to ensure the good cleaning effect.

  • The spray cleaning machine is fitted with automatic oil removal sediment collection and filtration system.

  • The industrial cleaning equipment has automatic rehydration, storage tank double insulation, energy conservation and environmental protection.

  • The whole process is automatically carried by the manipulator to change the sink. Operators are only responsible for loading and unloading the workpiece.

Customized Service:

        We can design the cleaning machine size, sink quality and clean process according to your needs.


            Q1: What is the warranty period?

                A: 18 months. Within 18 months, under normal use and maintenance, if something wrong with our machines, we will provide spare                         parts for free. Out of 18 months, we will provide spare parts at cost prices.

              Q2: How long is the delivery time?

                 A: Usually within 30days.

              Q3: How about payment term?

                A: T/T or L/C.

              Q4: Do you test products before delivery?

                 A: Yes, we test 100% our products before delivery.



NO.508, Building C, Youyi Road, Xishan District, Wuxi, China
 sales@acmemachinery.cn
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