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50T Industrial Seating Double Column Welding Positioner Heavy

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▲ Loading Capacity: 50T
▲ Type: Head and Tail type
▲ Function: lifting / tilting / rotating
▲ Tilting Angle: ±90°
▲ Lifting Height: as per design

  • WPD-50
  • ACME
  • 84688000

Product Description


  • The tailstock welding turning table is mainly used for big and heavy workpiece with irregular shape.

  • The heavy duty welding positioner is with tilting,rotating and lifting functions.

  • The structure of double column welding positioner is made of welded steel plates of two rectangular tubes. 

  • Headstock welding positioner has driving column and idle column. The overturning drive mechanism is installed on the driving lifting column.

  • The overturning drive mechanism is the transmission mechanism of the overturning torque. The power is provided by the electric brake motor,  and slewing bearing is driven by reduction gear. Slewing bearing is installed on the rotary table.

  • Lifting transmission mechanism of head and tail welding positioner is with lead screw that lifting speed is stable and brake is reliable, and also can stop at any position. The two columns are provided with measuring rods. When the lifting height is deviated at the two sides, users can make the two sides at the same height by point moving.

  • Electric control system uses PLC to realize control. The speed is measured by the encoder to make sure the motors up and down synchronously.

Customized Service:

       We also can design different welding turning table according to different workpiece or process requirement.


 Q1: What is the warranty period?

    A: 18 months. Within 18 months, under normal use and maintenance, if something wrong with our machines, we will provide spare parts for free. Out of 18 months, we will provide spare parts at cost prices.

 Q2: How long is the delivery time?

   A: Usually within 30days.

 Q3: How about payment term?

   A: T/T or L/C.

 Q4: Do you test products before delivery?

   A: Yes, we test 100% our products before delivery.

Technical Parameters

Loading Capacity(KG)10005000100003000050000100000
Worktable Diameter(mm)100025002500350040004000
Lifting Height(mm)                                                As per design
Tilting Speed(rpm)0.420.
Tilting Angle(°)±90°±90°±90°±90°±90°±90°
Speed Adjust Mode                   AC Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation



NO.508, Building C, Youyi Road, Xishan District, Wuxi, China
 sales@acmemachinery.cn
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