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Cnc Table Top Vessel Rotating Welding Positioner

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▲ Loading Capacity: 5T
▲ Type: Table Top type
▲ Function: rotating / tilting
▲ Tilting Angle: 0°-135°
▲ Rotating Angle: 360°
▲ Application: pipe / vessel / tank

  • WP-5-1
  • ACME
  • 84688000

Product Description


Seating welding positioner can guide the welding seam in horizontal or boat shape position through its working table rotation or tilting. Working table rotation adopts stepless speed regulating, and can be driven to tilt by fan-shape gear or hydraulic cylinder.The tilt angle of the working table is 0°~120°, It can realize the combination control with the manipulator or welding machine.There are three kinds of configuration for the control system: button digital control, switch digital control and switch relay control. Such products apply to rotation work piece welding of axle shape, disk shape and cylinder. Its structure is widely applied.


Customized Service:

We also can design different welding positioner according to different workpiece or process requirement.


 Q1: What is the warranty period?

    A: 18 months. Within 18 months, under normal use and maintenance, if something wrong with our machines, we will provide spare parts for free. Out of 18 months, we will provide spare parts at cost prices.

 Q2: How long is the delivery time?

   A: Usually within 30days.

 Q3: How about payment term?

   A: T/T or L/C.

 Q4: Do you test products before delivery?

   A: Yes, we test 100% our products before delivery.

Technical Parameters

Loading Capacity(KG)300600300050001000015000
Worktable Diameter(mm)60010001400150020002200
Rotating Speed(rpm)0.1-10.09-0.90.05-0.50.05-0.50.05-0.50.04-0.4
Tilting Speed(rpm)10.420.
Tilting Angle(°)90°120°135°135°135°135°
Speed Adjust Mode                   AC Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation



NO.508, Building C, Youyi Road, Xishan District, Wuxi, China
 sales@acmemachinery.cn
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